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Our incredible team of producers, designers, animators, and musicians are truly the heart of WideAngle Studios. It’s their talent that leads to award-winning visual content, and our dedication that keeps our clients coming back. Our diverse team works diligently from start to finish to bring your vision to life and fulfill your animation and video production needs.

Our team members work remotely from Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, California and around the country.

WideAngle Studios


Our team utilizes their many skills to work together to fulfill all your animation and video production needs. Including animated explainer videos, corporate promotional videos, social media content, animated logos, motion graphics, voice overs, subtitles, and video marketing strategies. WideAngle studios has a professional for every need that will offer you premium service. We specialize in turning your concepts into finished pieces and creating compelling videos for our clients around the globe.



Head shot of WideAngle Studios founder David Alonzo. Black and white.

David Alonzo, M.F.A.


David is the founder of WideAngle Studios and has two decades (and 500+ productions) of experience in broadcast commercials, marketing videos, and documentary. You'll find him working as a producer, writer, director or editor.


David also holds a Master of Fine Arts in Film and lectures at Washington State University.

Head shot of video producer and voice over actor John Meriles. Black and white.

John Meriles

Producer, Voiceover

John brings more than 35 years of international and domestic experience in the field of Media Communications.


A former journalist, John brings experience in communications campaigns and the development of shows for radio and television while excelling with promotional and social media marketing. 


Finally, he is a talented voice artist and lends his incredibly smooth narration for projects en Español.



Johnny Winningham

Senior Producer

Johnny is an award-winning producer and artistic director for screen and stage. From Hollywood to the Northwest and around the globe, Johnny writes and directs while keeping productions on time and on budget. He is a wellspring of creative ideas and keeps every shoot fun.

In his spare time he enjoys hiking and swimming in the Pacific Northwest.

Head shot of musician and audio engineer Adam Dvorak. Black and white.

Adam Dvorak

Musician, Audio Engineer

Adam is the perfect balance of art and science.


A musician, audio engineer, and tech extraordinaire. Adam weaves together his experience in media, IT, broadcast television, and art to perfectly compliment to any production.

Adam enjoys spending time with his family, his dogs, and outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. 


Vector portrait of video and animation designer Ally Button. Black and white.

Ally Button


Ally is a designer who has worked internationally on a variety of video projects for nonprofits and the federal government in the healthcare sector. You'll find her working behind the scenes to add extra flair and originality to a project.

Ally is also a classically trained musician and in her spare time enjoys hanging out with animals.

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