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Film Slate Marker
WideAngle Studios filming on location at an Oregon farm
Two women smile while filming with large video camera.
three people in a studio with a camera and green screen.

We are much more than a video production company.

At WideAngle Studios we know that video is not just a visual way to educate customer or promote your brand. It’s not only about selling products, receiving more donations, or spreading your message. Video and animation are a way to tell your story! Your animated explainer video, promotional video, or documentary are only as strong as the impact they have on your audience. You can measure the success of your video by the action it causes your audience to take. That may mean getting more people to interact with your brand, teaching people about what you do, or changing people’s perception about an important topic or service that you offer. Let WideAngle Studios use our premium and professional services to help create a strong video marketing strategy that creates a lasting impact with your viewers.

More Videos

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You'll love our work!


two women smiling while filming a video.
Owner of WideAngle Studios standing behind camera.


Motion Graphic Videos

two women prepare to give video interview while producer talks to them


Video production of an interview on a green screen.
Three people stand in a studio filming an interview. Black and white.
Man is being filmed with large video camera by a cameraman and director.



animated video of a mustached mailman catching a spinning letter.

A lasting relationship

It can be tough to find an animated video production company that understands your needs, but we work with you to fully develop your vision. Whether you need video content for your social media platforms, an animated logo to make you stand out amongst the crowd, an animated explainer video for your website, or motion graphics that make your video pop, WideAngle Studios can fulfill your video marketing and animated video production needs for years to come.

Video recording equipment
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"David is a total professional"

"Years of experience"

"Having worked with WideAngle on numerous projects, I can say with certainty that David is a total professional not only behind the camera but in the editing room as well. His calm presence on the set and his outside the box thinking has saved the day more than once in the editing room."


"Wow. Smarts, skills & insight on helping with a film production are exceptional. Honing in on the message? Check. Identifying the tone. Check. Technical skill that amplifies the entire film. Check. Detail savvy, budget conscious. Check. David's professional training & years of experience in taking an idea to film have made him a great craftsman/artist. He'll dispute that - because he is always learning and striving to be better. That's who you want to work with. "




Video Production equipment in a Portland, Oregon studio.
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