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Storytelling is an art form we have been practicing for two decades.



Storytellers like to listen. That's what we want to do - sit down and have a real conversation with you - to listen.


Yes we have an array of equipment and a dedicated technical command of video production, but video production is not really about the latest 4K cameras and fancy software; it's the story that matters. As we all know, a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster doesn't necessarily have a memorable impact. 

Many videographers, cinematographers, producers, directors, and even production companies ignore this fundamental truth: it's the story that the audience wants. It doesn't matter if the audience is watching a film or a commercial, a documentary or an in-flight safety announcement; they want you to present your information in an entertaining and interesting story.


But telling an impactful story is hard, and it takes a lot of practice to master the art.

That's why we've spent decades learning the art of storytelling - so when you contact us we can hit the ground running.


David Alonzo is a producer with two decades of experience in production for broadcast commercials, marketing videos, and documentary. David has an array of technical and creative skills having worked on over 400 unique productions domestically and internationally.


David also holds a Master of Fine Arts in Film from Vermont College of Fine Arts and teaches at Washington State University Vancouver.

Promotional Video

Broadcast Commercials

Corporate Video

Nonprofit Organizations

Animated Videos

Independent Film


"Having worked with David [Principal] on numerous projects, I can say with certainty that David is a total professional not only behind the camera but in the editing room as well. His calm presence on the set and his outside the box thinking has saved the day more than once in the editing room."

Jonathan Wayne

"I have collaborated with WideAngle on various projects throughout the years, and feel that he is by far one of the most talented video professionals I have ever worked with.

What really stands out is his artistry and his passion. He always produces superior work, no matter what the subject matter. From commercial clients to non-profits to music videos, he consistently manages to weave together compelling stories. His videos are well scripted, directed and edited, and the end result is always professional. He is also terrific to work with, having exceptional communication skills and a down-to-earth demeanor.

It is rare to find someone as dedicated to his craft as David is, and I would not hesitate to work with him again in the future or to recommend his services to others."

Maya Muller

"Wow. Smarts, skills & insight on helping with a film production are exceptional. Honing in on the message? Check. Identifying the tone. Check. Technical skill that amplifies the entire film. Check. Detail savvy, budget conscious. Check. David's professional training & years of experience in taking an idea to film have made him a great craftsman/artist. He'll dispute that - because he is always learning and striving to be better. That's who you want to work with. "

Jeanne Kojis


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